Iron Brew Lover's box

Iron Brew Lover's box

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Box of various Iron Brew flavoured sweets.

If you love Iron Brew, or know someone who does, this is the ultimate tasing box.  Filled with different 100gm bags of new and established Iron Brew sweets - soft, chewy, hard rock, slightly sour - yum! 

May Contains bags of;

Iron Brew Humbugs

Iron Brew Special

Iron Brew Creams

Iron Brew Straws

Iron Brew cubes

Iron Brew Fizz

Saltire Rock

Iron Brew Bonbons


Iron Brew Fizzy Rock Sticks 

Iron Brew Chews

Sweets are from various producers, including Monarch, Jennys at Ross's, Ross's. look to individual flavours for more details.

Allergen Aware;  Please note this box is mixed together in the shop from products by various suppliers.  We advise this box contain allergens.  If you have dietary requirements, please contact us prior to purchase. 

This is a full box sent out as an individual item incurring one postage amount of £2 per box.  Any additions would be packaged and sent separately.