Pink Circle Chocolate Box of 14 Chocolates

Pink Circle Chocolate Box of 14 Chocolates

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A perfectly pretty box of 14 chocolates 

Limited Availability

This is a traditional round card box in a beautiful pink colour with gold and white circle decoration filled with a selection of chocolates - every one different.  Comes with mini menu of contents.  

All Chocolates contain Milk and dairy products.

This box contains;

Creme Brulee

Boheme - Smooth Raspberry Butter Cream Dark Chocolate

Mousse au Chocolat - Smooth Chocolate Mousse Filling in Milk Chocolate

Berry Ganache Cup

Juno - Dark Coffee Ganache

Kir Royal - Blackcurrant Fondant & Champagne Ganache

White Chocolate Strawberry & Pepper

Milk Chocolate Violet Cream

Apple Strudel - Ganache of Calvados, Cinnamon and Apple in White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Rose Cream

Framboise - Raspberry Ganache in White Chocolate

Ella - Passion Fruit with Milk Chocolate

Coers d'Amour - Strawberry Fondant in Milk Chocolate

Rhubarb & Ginger in Milk Chococlate


 A structured box that will be packaged as well as possible for posting.