Handmade Star Rock Shop Ginger Fudge

Handmade Star Rock Shop Ginger Fudge

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100gm (min) pack

A smooth handmade fudge with Ginger flavour

 When we talk about fudge in the shop we tend to say that Tablet is the Scottish version of this better known British confectionery, but really fudge was purported to be an accidental American creation in the 1880s.

 The Star Rock Shop has its own recipe,  just like the tablet.  It produces a smooth, rich creamy taste and can be a little firm or crumbly to bite dependent upon the batch. The ginger fudge has a strong depth of spice and flavour from the natural ginger oil used.

Only a few ingredients; Butter, Evaporated Milk, Sugar, golden syrup and natural ginger flavouring

No matter how many batches you make of a fresh confectionery you cannot guarantee the outcome as you do with a factory made product, therefore as long as we cook by hand with love, every batch may vary in colour and thickness.

All handmade Star Rock products should be treated as fresh goods with a short shelf life, and kept in a cool dry position.  Once opened, keep cool or in the fridge and eat within 7 days of opening.