Teacher Box, individual
Teacher Box, individual

Teacher Box, individual

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A box of Pick n Mix favourites perfect to say thank you to a special teacher!

Personalise this box with a name by including your greeting in our notes section - no more than 6 words.  Where you're own greeting is not given we will simply say "You're the best Teacher, Thank you".

A carefully selected mix of different sweets.  Set in a small 15cm square boxes filled to the brim (over 400gms) of a few wrapped and Pick n Mix favourites.  There are no bubble gums in this box.

Typically contains;

Vanilla Fudge

Edinburgh Rock

Chocolate Eclairs


Haribo Jelly Beans

Snowy Stars

Jelly Pineapples 

Haribo Rhubarb & Custard

Flying Saucers

Mixed Bonbons 

Strawberry Moushrooms

There are so many different choices in the shop, this box may vary if certain stocks run low, but will never disappoint.

A selection box of sweets from various producers such as Haribo, Candy King, Trolli and Kingsway. 

Allergens; Please note this box contains a wide selection of Pick n Mix sweets and can therefore be assumed to have all allergens present.  If you require a box that is Dairy, Gluten, or other allergen free please message directly prior to ordering?