Valentine Pick n Mix Box
Valentine Pick n Mix Box

Valentine Pick n Mix Box

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A square individual box of 16 love themed Pick n Mix sweets.

An individual box divided into 16 squares, each offering a taster of pink, heart, strawberry and chocolate sweets.

Typical contents:

Gilda Strawberry Chews

Strawberry Puffs

Heart Marshmallow (large)

Heart Marshmallows (small)

Chocolate Hearts in foil

Strawberry Kisses

Icy Cups

Jelly Cherry Lip (large)

Triple Hearts

Haribo Jelly Hearts

Barratt Jelly Bean Hearts

Small packet Love Hearts

Sour Strawberry belts

Giant Sour Strawberry

Jam filled Strawberry Marshmallow

Pink Chocolate Jazzy Hearts

Content may vary slightly from image due to availability but will follow theme.