Wrapped & Pick n Mix  Black 9" box with sours and gum

Wrapped & Pick n Mix Black 9" box with sours and gum

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9" box of wrapped sweets - includes chewing or bubble gum and sours, can serve 4 comfortably.

A large flat  9" pizza box filled to the brim with wrapped pick n mix favourites. 

There is at least a dozen different sweets in the box:  Haribo, Bubble gums, Sours and fizzy, Chews and gummies, lolly pops, rainbow drops, marshmallow and pickn mix bags, chocolate and fudge; candy sticks and much more.

If you are looking for a box without gum or sours go to Wrapped & Pick n Mix  Black 9" box no gum or sours.

At times it may be necessary to substitute some items, but there will always be a wide variety to appeal to everyone.

Please note, if you have a particular favourite you would like us to try to include let us know in the "Notes" box at checkout and we'll do our best.

*This is a single delivery item as it is a jam packed box and cannot fit anything else in!

A selection box of sweets from various producers