Handmade Original Star Rock Sticks
Handmade Original Star Rock Sticks

Handmade Original Star Rock Sticks

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7 stick pack

The Original Star Rock, where it all began.

Handmade in 4 kilo batches, the original rock is flavoured with natural lemon oil. Hand pulled and then rolled on a marble slab in the Star Rock Shop kitchen.  Once rolled to the right thickness the rock is cooled to harden then hand cut to 10cm long rods and tossed in sugar powder to prevent sticking.

The rods are packed in thin plastic and thick food paper to lock in freshness, seven rods per pack.  It is reported the original packaging of 1833 was 7 rods in paper and a larger pack of 12 rods in cardboard, we now only produce in paper packs of seven.

Due to the weekly handmade batching of the rock - every batch may vary in natural golden colour and thickness.

All handmade Star Rock products should be treated as fresh goods with a short shelf life, and kept in a cool dry position.  Once opened, keep rock cool or in the fridge and eat within 7 days of opening.


Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, Golden Syrup, Cream of Tartar, Stork, Natural Oil Flavour