Big 1 kilo Mega Mix no gum

Big 1 kilo Mega Mix no gum

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A lightweight box filled with a full 1 kg of over 20 Pick n Mix favourites, fizzy and simply sweet gummies.

Wow, so many different Pick n  Mix favourites in this 1 kilo box of sweets.

A rectangle black or white lightweight glossy box . 

Full of as many different sweets as we have available on our Pick n Mix shelves which is often more than 40!  

Can including; Bubblegum Turtles, Fizzy and sweet Strawberry bites, Sour Twin Cherries, Giant Strawberries, Twin Cherries, Haribo Rhubarb & Custard, Cola Bottles, Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles, Fizzy Apples, Fizzy Peaches, Strawberry Mushrooms, Jelly Cherry Lips and  Jelly beans.

Our Pick n Mix shelf changes constantly so we will often substitute for different popular gummy treats.

Please note, if you have a particular favourite you would like us to try to include let us know in the "Notes" box at checkout and we'll do our best.

A selection box of various sweets from different producers including Haribo, Kingsway, Hannah's and Lutti.