Handmade Horehound Rock Humbugs
Handmade Horehound Rock Humbugs

Handmade Horehound Rock Humbugs

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100gm Bag

Horehound plant extract can be traced back to Roman records for medicinal tinctures. A wonder root that soothes a scratchy sore throat or tickly cough and even settles the stomach.  We also add aniseed and treacle to our Horehound humbugs, two more amazing natural ingredients that can aid digestion and ease cold symptons - a medicinal gem in humbug form.

Handmade in just over 4 kilo batches, hand pulled and then rolled on a marble slab in the Star Rock Shop kitchen.  Once rolled to the right thickness the humbug shape is formed by the long rolled rods being hand turned through a very old humbug machine. The humbugs are left to cool, then gently tossed to break off any jagged edges and coated in sugar powder to prevent sticking.

The humbugs are bagged in thin plastic bags, as no preservatives or artificial flavours are in the recipe and they can be prone to sticking if not kept cool.

Due to the weekly handmade batching of all our rock products - every batch may vary in natural golden colour and thickness.

All handmade Star Rock products should be treated as fresh goods with a short shelf life, and kept in a cool dry position.  Once opened, keep rock in a cool place, out of sunlight, a jar or the fridge in summer and eat within 7 days.


Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose, Golden Syrup, Cream of Tartar, Stork, Treacle, Natural Oil Flavour