Pick n Mix  Black 9" box

Pick n Mix Black 9" box

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1kg-ish 9" box

A perfect birthday gift or simply a gift for a family, can serve 4 comfortably.

A large flat  9" pizza box filled to the brim with pick n mix favourites. 

There is a minimum of 10 different sweets in the box:  Haribo and marshmallows; chocolate jazzies and snowies; lances and flying saucers, cola bottles; strawberries, fried eggs and mushrooms or kisses, and many more.

At times it may be necessary to substitute some items, but there will always be a wide variety to appeal to everyone.

Please note, if you have a particular favourite you would like us to try to include let us know in the "Notes" box at checkout and we'll do our best.

How to unpack and display my boxafter receiving it through the post.  To ensure safe delivery your sweets are packed in individual bags in the position they should be in the box. To get the full box display look - simply open each bag and pour out the sweets in a heaped pile in their place in the box (refer to the picture if needed).  Do not spread out the sweets, you will find the box fills up so the whole base is covered and the sweets will overlap in parts, simply place the lances in a line together as pictured.

*This is a single delivery item as it is a jam packed box and cannot fit anything else in!


A selection box of sweets from various producers